14 Day Declutter Challenge

Published on 11 June 2023 at 10:00

Declutter has begun! Share your progress in the comment section below.

The 5 a-day Challenge: Sort, trash, store, or giveaway 5 items each day for the next 2 weeks! Share your progress with other MaxLifers!

Starting Saturday, June 10, 2023, I created a challenge to work on decluttering. Here it is: for the next 2 weeks, sort, trash, store, or giveaway 5 things each day. Items in the house, papers, or media "junk" (like old emails etc). 

On Saturday, June 10th, I was able to trash more than 5 pieces of junk/old snail mail, sort some of my son's summer and winter clothes (bagged up ready to giveaway), sort some of my husband's clothes, and store some of my winter clothes for the summer. I was able to do more than the 5 items that day! Yay me! If you want to take the challenge, then let us know what you are decluttering, or the struggles of the challenge or anything you want to share! Keep Things Simple and help yourself not be overwhelmed by the task in front of you! 


Day 2 (June 11): Sorted animals LOL!! Didn't think about this part of the challenge until I was done. We sorted out getting one rabbit moved, cages for cats (being fixed today), and rearranging the cages. That is something that needed to be done so I am putting it here too! I didn't do much else with paper or items in the house. But every little bit of something helps in the overall scheme of life right?? Don't forget to send me your comments about your decluttering challenge. 

Day 3 (June 12): All I managed to "declutter" today was 5 pieces or more of paper/mail. 

Day 4 (June 13): A bag of toys to Goodwill! One less group of items taking up space! 

Day 5 (June 14): 5+ clothing items to a consignment store...maybe get a little cash for the trouble 

Day 6 (June 15): 5+ pieces of paper/mail trashed... having to blog my progress made me do at least 5 pieces of paper... every little bit right?

Day 7 (June 16): Another bag of 5+ toys donated to "Goodwill" 

Day 8 (June 17): Today I was a little lazy...didn't think about the challenge as much, basic cleaning the house tasks today. I did get a few things sorted so I guess a met the challenge.

Day 9 (June 18 "Father's Day"): Got the cats sorted (did that count lol), cleaned cages, moved kittens around (ANYONE NEED A KITTEN??)

Day 10 (June 19): It's a rainy Monday! I am home so this will be a good day to declutter!! Went through a box (emptied it, gave away a few things, trashed a few things, trashed the box lol!). Some items need a permanent home (I am working on that).

Day 11 (June 20): Another rainy day.... I put some more of Jon's outgrown clothes in a bag. I will have a good amount for a single mom's son!

Day 12 (June 21): Got up early today! Rainy day so I started on Jon's room (some more clothes bagged to give away, some board games sorted, items bagged for consignment to take today). Good progress! I think writing about this on here is motivating me to do something every day! 

Day 13 (June 22): This was a busy day at work. Got some "electronic junk mails" deleted. Sorted some things at work. So no "decluttering at home" but I practiced it a little for work and my personal email. 

Day 14 (June 23): Another busy day. Spent some much needed time with my BFF eating dinner after work. Home late tonight... so I failed today no decluttering...but some days are like that and tomorrow is Saturday...a new day

Day 15: (June 24): It's Saturday and I busted out sorting board games and other toys (this boy has so much stuff!). Made progress on more that 5 items so I am feeling accomplished. 

What I learned from this challenge: Just doing a little a day helped me feel better about things. I didn't need to feel overwhelmed with the tasks of decluttering. I was able to celebrate the little accomplishments. I was able to enjoy spending time with Jon instead of worrying about what all needs to be done. It was freeing. Do I still have a lot to do? YES! But a little each day goes a long way! I hope this inspires someone else to tackle their "stuff" and feel they are making progress (no matter how small).

Take the challenge and leave me a comment about how it went! Blessings!


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